Adithya School of Business Management is established with the Vision to become a Premier International Business Education Provider in Management Education and Research. We at AIT - Adithya School of Business Management, aim to provide quality techno- management education to students from all walks of life through a systematic learning process. 
The conducive-environment at our institution provides ample opportunities to develop multi-disciplinary skills through live practical industry exposure. This gives our students strong confidence and competence to be successful in their career. The students are given the opportunity to go through the curriculum and prepare to learn through outcome driven activities and practical experiential learning practices to transform the student to be a corporate personality. 
Dr. N. Sundarapandiyan
Adithya School of Business management has been continuously striving to achieve academic excellence. ASBM offers different specializations such as Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management and Systems Management. The Institution inculcates academic with the right amount of practical exposure through continuous ‘empirical micro learning industry internships’ in every semester and ‘live projects’ in the final semester. It imbibes an evolving pedagogy that caters to the industry needs and goes beyond curriculum. Besides core faculty, a band of visiting faculties which include industry experts and university professors who complement the efforts in molding the students. The faculty team is equipped with outcome based teaching and learning methodology, which develops the students to be performance driven.
ASBM follows the designed curriculum of Anna University, but for the complete realization of one’s ability, co-curricular activities are equally significant. The students of VIMS are prompted to take part actively in industrial learning, experiential learning and Business Process Learning (BPL). One of the crucial surpluses of ASBM is its steady effort of creating approaches, which are quite different from other B-schools. Our students often organize HR and CEO interviews in different corporates where they interview the HRs and CEOs in a very professional manner. This process is accordingly recorded in the form of video- document, which are evaluated by the faculty members and they point out necessary corrections and lend their valuable suggestions and the outcomes of this process are posted in the public portals.
Dr. Fredricks John
Director, Executive Vice President and Site Head  Personiv
Chinese philosopher Confucius said, “if your plan is for one year, plant rice; if your plan is for ten years, plant trees; if your plan is for one hundred years, educate children.” I am pleased to note that Adithya School of Business Management chose the third option and is bringing world class business education to Coimbatore. Our vision of having students experience Corporate Life while still at higher education and school, is a giant leap in preparing young people for the challenges of the future. Coming from the industry, it has become very normal for people like me to see students struggle to fit in to any corporate culture, at least during the initial few years. Much of the talent gets unnoticed because the students are not taught how to express themselves. We, At Adithya, ensure true education in having students get practical knowledge of what it takes to excel in Corporate life. Industry – Institution partnership is taken to a whole new level at this Business School and I am happy to be part of such yeomen service to the student society. I have always believed in paying it forward and giving back to the society. Creating an impact while molding young minds in the most positive manner possible, and preparing them well to be great citizens that will add value to the society from the day they step foot in to the corporate world, excites me!
Rtn. Dr. Fredricks John MBA., PhD.,
Director, EVP & Site Head at Personiv
Member - NASSCOM National SME Council
Member - Institute of Directors
HBS - Harvard Business School Exec. Ed. Alumni
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