Adithya School of Business Management (Adithya SBM) offers a Full-time MBA Programme that spans for duration of two years. The Programme is affiliated to the Anna University, Chennai. The choice of electives by each student in the programme should complement the career objectives of the student concerned . After completing the first year, customization of MBA curriculum is possible by choosing electives that establish depth in a particular area, or make obvious an enjoyable perspective of business principles that encompasses several managerial functions. Outcome-based teaching and learning and Out-bound Training Programmes are facilitated as a part of the MBA package. 
To gain practical exposure to the industry, students also undergo an industry driven Empirical Micro Learning programme, Summer Internship for 6 to 8 weeks as well as practical project for 6 months.
POs of MBA 
On successful completion of MBA programme, the graduate will have the

PO1 Ability to apply the business acumen gained in practice
PO2 Ability to understand and solve managerial issues
PO3 Ability to communicate and negotiate effectively, to achieve organizational and individual goals
PO4 Ability to upgrade their professional and managerial skills in their workplace
PO5 Ability to explore and reflect about managerial challenges, develop informed managerial decisions in a dynamically unstable environment.
PO6 Ability to take up challenging assignments
PO7 Ability to understand one’s own ability to set achievable targets and complete them
PO8 Ability to pursue lifelong learning
PO9 Ability to have a fulfilling business career

PEOs of MBA 
MBA programme curriculum is designed to prepare the post graduate students
I. To have a thorough understanding of the core aspects of the business.
II. To provide the learners with the management tools to identify, analyze and create business opportunities as well as solve business problems.
III. To prepare them to have a holistic approach towards management functions.
IV. To motivate them for continuous learning.
V. To inspire and make them practice ethical standards in business.

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